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Laura has nearly reached Race for Life target

She only needs another £219 to get to £1,000

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Laura is taking part in the race for life at poole on Sunday in memory of Lois, and she has so far obtained £781 sponsorship.. She is hoping to get to £1,000 by the day, so if you haven't sponsored her and would like to, in memory of our lovely Lois, then please pledge you donation to:

www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/lauraackerman if you are a UK tax payer, please press the "gift aid" donation.

I also received a lovely message from Paula, a friend of Lois's, who visited Mottisfont with Helen recently. Mottisfont is where Lois and I got married in 2001, Here's what Paula had to say:

"Oh Honey!
Emotional was not the word. Actually, Lois was definitely looking after us. The sun shone, the sky was blue, the roses blooming and the experience really wonderful. We took a tour of the house and enjoyed knowing that we were in a place where Lois was so happy in life and peaceful in death. What a glorious spot to spend eternity!!!!!

We were both fine until we took a look at the wedding albums that the guide had directed us to. As we walked up to the table there was your wedding photo staring straight up at us, open at exactly the right page! I'm afraid it was all too much for me and the other visitors clearly thought I was bonkers as I stood sobbing like a loony! That set H off too, so clearly they thought we were a couple of sad old spinsters who couldn't look at strangers' wedding photos without breaking down!

We loved being there with Lois and had the perfect day for saying goodbye to her. We had a good old swap of 'Lois' stories and drank a toast to you both over dinner that night. Ironically, I bumped into a friend this morning who lost his wife to cancer very suddenly a few weeks ago at the age of 54 and told him of my trip. He cried too, it's clearly still so raw for him to also have lost the love of his life so early.

So, emotional yes, but uplifting too. And I wouldn't have expected anything less of a visit with Lois! I'm more determined than ever to do the Great North Run and to live life to the full regardless of what it throws at me!

I know H would love to hear from you, so do drop her a line.

Keep in touch,
P xxx"

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Canada Finale

The last few days

sunny 16 °C

Well, I've been back in the UK for a couple of weeks now, and need to wrap up the final few days that were spent in Canada. To say Canada is huge is an understatement. We travelled on the road for 3 weeks, and drove for 6,500km's. It was a good way to see how vast and varied Canada is, and to experience what the weather can throw at you. Amazingly, I only ate 3 burgers the whole time I was there. It has given me a taste of what the country is like, and I certainly intend to travel back there, in particular British Columbia.

Next time, I will plant myself in one place and actually do something. Sitting in the back of a car for so many hours drove me a bit nuts at times, I would prefer to be out there, walking the hills, rafting the rivers, sailing the lakes and generally mixing it up a bit with nature. Having said that, if we hadn't done the miles, I wouldn't have known that I love British Columbia, but disliked the prairies, so from that point of view it was a good exercise. I would like to thank all of the people who we visited for their kind generosity, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It was a real pleasure and made the trip so much more enjoyable hey! The highlights were the people and mountain scenery, low lights..well, hours and hours of prairie driving......

Here's a few remaining images of the last few days...
Spot the train..and the difference from the journey out!
Great place names
I walked the line
New Friends in Ottawa

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Back home again

after our Canadian Odyssey

semi-overcast 13 °C

Just a quick note to say we arrived back safely yesterday (Saturday) from Canada after a few days resting in Winnipeg. We still have some more photos to upload from the last few days, but I will do that in slower time, and get feedback from each of my parents, brother and Laurie, as well as my lasting impressions of Canada so far. At the moment, jet lag needs to be dealt with and my duvet is my new friend ! (oh and my new motorbike which also arrived yesterday).

Luke , his friend Mark and I depart on our motorbikes for the Emerald Isle on Wednesday. So I will provide some stories from that side trip shortly too.

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Army Man

and bulling boots with Josh

sunny 25 °C

you can take the man out of the army, but you can't take the army out of the man. Josh, one of my distant relatives from Trail turned up at the party on Wednesday with a pair of drill boots and promptly started bulling them for a parade the next day..i couldn't resist but help him...it's been a few years, but it's like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. I hope Josh got good praise the next day. It's good to see a youngster so enthusiastic about something like this.


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Vancouver to the Prairies

via a party with the Ackerman's in Trail

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The last couple of days we have hit the road again. We left Vancouver behind and headed back into the mountains, this time the Kootenays, and skirted the US border along the way (Washington, Idaho and Montana). We stayed for a couple of nights with a delightful arm of the Ackerman family in a small town called Trail.

Yesterday, lots of the relatives, too many to name, popped by Dave and Myrna's house to say hello and participate in much merryment and beer drinking. A great welcome to this area, and somewhere I will certainly be back to explore some more (mountain hiking, biking, skiing, fishing and hunting).

We met some real characters here and listened to their stories (and how enthusiastically they told them too). From Syd's hunting stories, to Eric's hiking, Tammy's foray's into soccer, and Myrna and Dave's winter bird trips South to Mehico in their RV to name a few. It was great to put faces to names on the family tree that Laurie and Des have researched over the years and talked about.

It was with some reluctance today that I hopped into the back of the van to start the long trip out of the mountains. I really do feel at home amongst the peaks, valleys, rivers, lakes and forests. For anyone who is considering a trip to British Columbia, I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and is right up there with my love for New Zealand, and there is so much of it yet to explore.

The route from Vancouver to the Prairies, took us via Chiiliwack,

to Trail (past the ski resort of Rossland)

Staying at Dave and Myrna's house:


for a party to celebrate my Father's 75th birthday:


before shooting off today via Sparwood to look at a boys toy:


then Frankslide, where a 1km sized block of a mountain collapsed onto a small town in 1903:


before we had to say goodbye to the hills, and hello to flatland...


What a great, great place BC is...


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