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So many people assume that taking a year off "to travel" means that you will travel to a major airport like Heathrow hop on a long haul plane to some sunny destination and bring all those pictures and stories of adventure back in 12 months time to bore all your friends with. Well, sometimes events take turn that mean you hvae to return early, as in Lois and my case. We knew that by hopping on the plane at Gatwick last Autumn, we were taking a gamble that we wouldn't get the full 12 months and so it has proved.

I have spent the last few weeks since Lois's passing wondering what to do next. Should I go back to work, should I book a flight back to somewhere more exotic or should I just rest and contemplate what the future holds. It is difficult to predict how you are going to feel after losing such a special person in your life. There is no protocol to follow. Should I do the Seikh thing and mourn for a year and a day, and then celebrate Lois's life, or should I close the door behind me and say that chapter, as good as it was, has come to an end and I must move on. Well I have decided that I will be cautious (that's my style anyway) and am going to put my boots back on and explore places near and far. It was only in the last couple of weeks, when the daffodils came out and the bluebells started to spring forth, that I realised you don't need to go far to actually travel. Yesterday I drove to Marlborough Downs for an all day walk, and it was extremely uplifting. The sun was shining, the skylarks were courting and the buds were bursting from the trees.

So, for my next phase of travelling, I am going to do a mixture of staying local doing interesting things and travelling afar when the opportunity arises. On the immediate horizon is a 4 week trip with my parents to visit my big brother Des in Canada. He lives in Winnipeg (popularly known as Winterpeg) and has planned, with the aid of Laurie, a road trip as far as Vancouver via the Rockies and back. I am looking forward o seeing a new country, i have never been to Canada before.

Prior to that, I am doing day trips and activities closer to home. Next weekend i plan to go to Bath for a bit of a spa experience, then on the 30th Sally (my sister-in-law) Eva (her daughter) and I are going on a "bluebell ride" somewhere nearby.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that, I took up horse riding again thanks to an invite from Sally. When Lois said to me before she passed away, "go out and find another woman, you're a good man and you deserve one, but make sure you have some fun on the way, get a young blonde if you like" I don't think she had Elisa in mind. Yes Elisa is blonde, yes Elisa is a bit young (only a teenager), she's fit, doesn't answer back and does what I tell her, but something tells me this ins't what Lois had in mind. Here is a picture of her anyway for you to see...


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Lois's Final Departure

A lovely spring day at Mottisfont

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It was a lovely spring morning at Mottisfont on Saturday when the close family gathered to watch me scatter Lois's ashes. The sun was shining, the daffodils were out, and the wind was calm. I got quite emotional, but this day had been playing on my mind for some time. I always feel like I need to say something at these times, but I found it really hard to get the words out and in the end I didn't say much.

Lois's ashes were scattered under the great plane tree at Mottisfont, by the river, at a spot where we had some wedding photographs taken when we got married 9 years ago. I took a picture of the area so that you can all see the spot:

We all went for Tea and bacon rolls at Annies farm shop cafe in Kimbridge afterwards as per lois's final instructions.

We will all miss her so much.

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The Cycle of the Universe

Carries on

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Tomorrow, Saturday 21st March, Lois's journey will be complete and her family will be at Mottisfont Abbey, the place where Lois and I were married on 5th May 2001, to scatter her ashes. Mottisfont Abbey have kindly arranged for us to be let in early so that we can have some private time. We will not have to employ the "Tom, Dick and Harry" tactics that Lois planned because Mottisfont are OK with us placing the Ashes under the Plane tree where we had some of our wedding photographs taken.

So a fitting end to a beautiful person. I hate to use cliche's but the world is definitely going to miss lovely Lois and all of her positive energy. But, in the buddhist view, her energy is still out there in the universe in every one of her atoms, and we will always have those sweet memories of her to cling on to. I will reiterate how lucky I have been to have known, been chosen and loved by Lois. I would not change that for anything.


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aren't just for Lois

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thank you to those of you who sent cards, thank you to those of you who sent flowers, but most of all, thank you to the ONE person who sent dairy free chocolates as per Lois's instructions before she passed away. Don't forget, it wasn't just Lois who needed cheering up, I do too. So go on, log on to http://www.cakesandchocolates.co.uk/ and order me some non-dairy truffles. i especially like the cointreau and praline ones, but plain choclut are fine too.

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Thank You

to all my family and friends

Thank you to all for the support I have received over the last few days since Lois passed away. It's very difficult to know what to say, or what to do in these circumstances but I appreciate everyones kind words.

Lois's celebration today was a fitting end to a wonderful person. The fact that we didn't actually send out invitations, but so many turned up, shows how popular Lois was.

Many people have commented and said "I wouldn't know what to do if I was in your situation". Well I can confidently say you do what you can, especially for someone as special as Lois. We knew what the destination was for Lois a long time ago, and it was my job, and those close around us, to make sure the journey was as comfortable as possible for her, and I know we achieved that.

Please take forward Lois's philosophy on life, and live each day to the full. Be good to others and be a good person to yourself.

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